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Springbok Broom and Brush Company, the first company of the Werner Group, was established in 1948 by Mr K. H. Werner, a brush machine technician who had emigrated from Germany before the Second World War. The purpose of the company was to manufacture Brushware for the mining industry. In 1956 Mr K. H. Werner and two of his three sons identified the need for a company specialising in the manufacture of power tool wire brushes in South Africa. Transvaal Brush Company which was established to cater exclusively for the power tool market, went on to become very successful and still dominates the southern African wire brush market up until today.

In 1986 the need for a specialised Brushware company to produce small units of Brushware for the fruit cleaning, mining and industrial sectors in South Africa, was recognized. Hence Werner Brushware, the third company in the group, was formed. As of March 2013 a decision was taken to merge Springbok Broom and Brush (Pty) Ltd and Transvaal brush (Pty) Ltd to reduce the frustration for our clientele of dealing with two interrelated companies. Thus leaving Springbok Broom & Brush (Pty) Ltd manufacturing and distributing general and abrasive Brushware, and Werner Brushware (Pty) Ltd manufacturing specialised and agricultural Brushware.

From its humble beginnings by Mr K. H. Werner, the grandfather of the current management team, the group is now in its third generation under management by the Werner family. Over the past 10 years Mr K.H.Werner’s three sons have gradually retired from the business and today, their son’s;  David Werner the Managing Director, Hugo Werner the Operations Director, who collectively boast 40 years active involvement in the running of the business – are in full control of the group’s day-to-day operations. The group has a management team of 8 members and a 105 employee’s and occupies about 7000 square meter of covered space.

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